OPWP is the single buyer of power and water for all IPP/IWPP projects within Oman. OPWP is responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient electricity and water production capacity available at the lowest cost to meet growing demands in Oman. OPWP undertakes long-term generation planning and publishes an annual seven-year statement, which identifies new IPP/IWPP projects to be competitively tendered and developed by private sector entities, in order to meet the future power generation and water desalination requirements of Oman. These projects are critical to the reliable and sustainable development of the power sector and the economic development of Oman.


Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM)

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals is the ministry supervising the infrastructure of the oil and gas projects related to these sectors. Natural gas is the primary fuel used at the Plant. A long term NGSA entered into by Al Batinah Power secures the supply over the contracted PPA period. Under the NGSA, the MoG is responsible for the procurement and delivery to the Plant of all of its natural gas requirements.


Authority for Public Services Regulation (APSR)

APSR is the authority responsible for regulating quality of service, customer bills and efficient operation of the electricity sector within Oman.



The Operator of the Plant (pursuant to a 15-year agreement) is STOMO, a company indirectly owned by GDF SUEZ. The operator is managed locally and is the most experienced operator of power projects in Oman responsible for approximately 3,675 MW of electricity and a net capacity of 270,000m3 per day of potable water.